Steeped in History...

Historical Hotel in Pembrokeshire

The deeds of the building go back to 1522, thus we are celebrating the hotel's 500th anniversary of trading in 5 years! However, it's likely there has been a 'hostelry' on the site for as long as Pembroke Castle has stood nearby; the Castle is more than 1000 years old!

For a time in the 19th century The Kings was known as The Bunch of Grapes. This name change is believed to have come about as a result of the Rebecca Riots, which affected many parts of rural west Wales between 1839 and 1843. These were a series of protests against the payment of tolls to use the roads. The tax was perceived as being unfair and there was a great deal of bad feeling towards the Crown.

By the 1850s the name reverted back to The Old Kings Arms and the popularity of the coaching inn continued to grow especially when the local Farmers Club began to hold its meetings at The Kings. Many other groups and societies followed suit.

In 1957 came another new lease of life for The Kings. The old ‘coaching arch’ became part of the front lounge and under the new ownership of George Wheeler, a new restaurant and bar were created which very quickly became renowned for tasty regional food and beer. His wife, Shirley, became involved in 1965 and has continued to build on George's good work.

Beyond the dining room, the upstairs Georgian Lounge is a lovely room for private functions. This is reached via an elaborate Adam style staircase popular with the wealthy during the 18th century; it really is a striking feature. 

The Wheeler family have spent more than half a century perfecting their warm Welsh welcome and it’s this, combined with exceptional service and exquisite food, which means The Old Kings Arms Hotel has all the ingredients for a perfect stay.

Welcome to 'The Kings'